November 15, 2015

Mercedes and I have spoken briefly concerning my "new" nose on the last few episodes and I want to give a little background. I was officially diagnosed with an invasive form of Basal-Cell Carcinoma on November 5, 2015, however, this was no surprise to me. During the summer of 2014, I developed a dry patch of skin covering my left nostril after a blemish disappeared. I did not think much of it because I was accustomed to dry skin from time to time, but it never went away. Due to my obnoxious tendencies, I was unable to just leave it alone. I scraped it until it bled and it led to an open sore. This sore REFUSED to heal. It was quite embarrassing at the time. I was asked questions about my nose and was eventually prompted to visit a local wellness clinic. The doctor, whose name escapes me, came in, looked at my nose and jumped back three feet, threw a prescription at me and left the room…That made me feel fabulous, I tell ya!  I took the antibiotic as prescribed and just like magic it disappeared leaving me with a scar to remind myself of Summer 2014.

Fast forward precisely one year, whaddya know another nasty spot appears only a little higher on the nostril. I went to the same wellness clinic and another medical professional stated that it was difficult for her to see anything and gave me a topical antibiotic cream…Gee, thanks again, at least, she didn’t jump back as if I were the town leper. Again, I was not advised to visit a {gasp} dermatologist. One would think that being an educated person I could deduce that my course of action should be to seek out a dermatologist, but I was clearly in denial.  This time, the open sore never fully healed.

In early October, I woke up with the most excruciating migraine that I have ever experienced in my short 39 years on this earth. I am prone to migraines and I have had some doozies, but this one took the cake, for sure. I, somehow, drove myself to a (different) local walk in clinic to see the Earth Angel, Dr. Sbarra, himself. He quickly assessed my migraine and while I was there I thought to myself, “maybe I should ask him about my nose.” It took him all of about five seconds to say, “young lady, you need to see yourself a dermatologist as of yesterday!” Wait for it…HE CALLED THE DERMATOLOGIST FOR ME! He recommended a new guy in town because he had recently met Dr. Jeremy Sunseri and figured that I could get in right away and he was right. By early November, the biopsy was taken and I was diagnosed with an invasive form of Basal-Cell Carcinoma and scheduled for the Mohs Surgery during our Christmas Vacation. Yay Me! If one is going to be diagnosed with skin cancer, this is the one to get, but little did we know just how invasive it would be…Stay tuned...

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